Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 My other car is a pair of skinny jeans

I hate hipsters. I won’t tell you why-you know why. Sinclair has a theory that we (our group of friends) are all hipsters to some degree. I have to disagree. I like us too much. But, if we are, to some degree, that most sanctimonious of subcultures, then here are a few reasons why it’s ok:

Hipsters aren’t afraid to stand out against historical persecution: It seems to me that, for hipsters, the reclaiming of ugly clothes, like boat shoes and leotards, as their own, is their way of retaliating against “the man,” much as African-Americans reclaimed the ‘n’ word, and post-feminists reclaimed the ‘c’ word. They really are the pinnacle of modern day social activists.

Hipsters are living up to the saying on those plaques you can get at the mall: (not they would ever shop at the mall, unless it was for the sake of irony)-I’m particularly thinking of the ones that say “Dance as if no one is watching.” Because, yeah, that’s how they dance-unfortunately, we are watching…

Hipsters are helping the environment: Well, most likely inadvertently, but still! That whole not bathing or washing hair frequently has to be saving some serious water. And again, recycled clothing definitely keeps waste out of the landfill, and out of the hands of very low income people who really should not be trying to pay $2 for an old Coca-Cola shirt-they really just can’t pull the look off.

Lonely Island: enough said.

Irony: If it weren’t for hipsters, the general public might still think that irony is defined by that ridiculous list that Alanis Morrisette read off in the late 90’s. If it weren’t for hipsters, comedy just wouldn’t be as funny, Tina Fey might still just be that chick with the scar who shows up in the background on some SNL sketches, and we sure as hell wouldn’t have Stephen Colbert making amazing political satire. I honestly don’t think I could exist without irony. Wait, shit, does that make me a hipster?

i just found out about this website, today-have fun!


sk said...

well done! Very funny. I'm sad to say, I do think most of you/us? are at least a little hipster. I do laugh at the extreme hipsters(the clothes, the hair, the makeup) but I also enjoy dressing ridiculously from time to time and living in an age when I won't be committed for it.

I guess I'm saying I really enjoyed your post, I agree with your dislike of the silliness, and I prefer the variety to the possibility of us all being khaki-wearing suburbanites. It would be a little boring without all the extremes :)

s i n c l a i r said...

THis is such a great post. Not only did you pass the devil's advocate test with flying colors, it's just so relevant to our peeps. I think what I mean is that hating on hipster culture is kind of like being a self-hating Jew - a lot of the things that define hipsters are actually really cool, and things that we use to define ourselves as cool. That being said, I agree with sk in the fact that I do enjoy a lot of things, especially pop culture and music and fashion that are decidedly hipster, but that we mostly come out on the end of the non-douchey ones. Like we actually know what irony is and really the main thing that keeps us from the hipster brink is that we are not pretentious at all. Well played hotpants.

tipsy texter said...

good point. it's all about where you fall on the pretention spectrum. thanks, ladytrons.