Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Gates

Today, write about a character (male or female) who ends up living in an unusual place, including the circumstances that led them there.

‘Abandon all hope all ye who enter here’
Made up the only sight that her eyes could see clear.
And for her other senses, besides her eyes
Misfortune finds that the only sounds her companion makes are lies.

The gilded cage that now surrounded her was much like the one she previously called home,
Yet this one, when touched would burn her flesh down to the bone.
And when her tears fell, she would become surrounded by smoke,
Leaving her with nothing to do but to melt and to choke.

Now her days were filled with nothing but the longing to die,
But the worst part, worse than the pain, the agony, the loneliness, was that she was being punished, but she had no idea why.

And for her inexplicable sins she was entombed outside the gates of hell,
And there they kept her, preserved in a feverish quell.
And there they kept her, not at all well.


Write the last paragraph of your novel or short story. 

And so her night finally ended, much like the day that her body would never forget had begun. Her dead grandfather’s bolo tie draped loosely across her neck, circles of $3 mascara widening under her bleary eyes, and a profound lack of certitude about any of her situations. But she fell into her bed alone, a messy reflection of herself, yet still someone who she could be proud of. And she slept.